Among Us VR Expands Its Reach: Coming to Pico and Teasing PSVR 2 Launch

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Among Us VR Expands Its Reach: Coming to Pico and Teasing PSVR 2 Launch

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In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality gaming, the sensation known as "Among Us VR" has been making waves. Developed by Schell Games, this immersive adaptation of the beloved social deduction game, "Among Us," has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Now, it's gearing up to broaden its horizons even further, with an upcoming release on Pico and tantalizing hints about its arrival on PSVR 2.

Among Us VR: A Social Deception Phenomenon

Before we dive into the exciting developments surrounding Among Us VR, let's take a moment to appreciate the game itself. "Among Us" became an overnight sensation, known for its blend of strategy, deception, and camaraderie. In this multiplayer experience, players work together on a spaceship while trying to identify the impostors among them. It's a thrilling test of wit and social interaction that quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Taking the concept a step further, Schell Games brought "Among Us VR" to life in November, immersing players in the game's world like never before. Now, this VR version is poised to make its mark on even more platforms.

Among Us VR Heads to Pico: A New Frontier

The big news is that Among Us VR is set to arrive on Pico, marking a significant expansion of its player base. On December 5, gamers can dive into the world of deception, betrayal, and social deduction using their Pico headsets. This move is bound to introduce a fresh set of players to the excitement and intrigue that the game offers.

Schell Games expressed their enthusiasm, stating, "We’re incredibly excited to bring all of the deception, betrayal, and social deduction of Among Us VR to a brand new set of players around the world." The prospect of experiencing Among Us VR on Pico's immersive platform is undoubtedly an exciting one.

Cross-Play Unleashed: Quest, PC VR, and Beyond

One of the defining features of Among Us VR's expansion is the introduction of cross-play functionality. This means that players on Pico can join forces with those on Quest and PC VR to engage in inter-platform multiplayer mayhem. Cross-play not only enhances the game's accessibility but also fosters a broader and more vibrant community of players.

Now, friends and foes from different VR ecosystems can collaborate or conspire together, blurring the lines between platforms and creating an even more dynamic social experience. This inclusion of cross-play is a testament to the developers' commitment to making Among Us VR as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for all players.

Teasing PSVR 2: A Mystery in the Making

While Among Us VR's Pico release is just around the corner, there's another tantalizing piece of news that has the gaming community buzzing. Schell Games has hinted at the impending arrival of Among Us VR on the highly anticipated PSVR 2. However, the release date for the PSVR 2 version remains shrouded in mystery.

In a playful and teasing manner, the studio shared, "Before you ask — because we know you will — we haven’t forgotten our PlayStation VR2 beans. SOON, my friends. We’ll have news to share soon… and we think you’ll be excited. But for now… we plead the 5th." This cryptic statement suggests that a simultaneous launch on PSVR 2 may be in the works, promising an exhilarating experience for PlayStation VR enthusiasts.

Where to Experience Among Us VR

As we eagerly await Among Us VR's debut on Pico, it's essential to note that the game is already available on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR. For those eager to dive into the world of deception and intrigue, Among Us VR can be acquired for $9.99.

The impending release on Pico and the enigmatic PSVR 2 launch are sure to further solidify Among Us VR's status as a must-play title in the realm of virtual reality gaming. Whether you're teaming up with friends on different platforms or awaiting the thrill of uncovering impostors on the upcoming PSVR 2, Among Us VR continues to captivate and surprise players with its immersive gameplay and endless social dynamics.

In conclusion, the expansion of Among Us VR to Pico and the promising hints about its arrival on PSVR 2 mark exciting milestones in the game's journey. With cross-play bridging platforms and the allure of new mysteries on the horizon, Among Us VR remains a beacon of innovation and enjoyment in the world of virtual reality gaming.